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Reward yourself!

How to reward yourself for all your hard work!

So you are an awesome human and you have been working your ASS off. You deserve to reward your efforts and NOT feel guilty for it.

I totally understand your imposter syndrome, the feeling of guilt for rewarding yourself, and the need to do something bigger and better every time you accomplish anything. I see you. You are not alone. But it does not have to be like this. You NEED to celebrate every single win and deserve to do this in a healthy way that aligns with your lifestyle!

Benefits of Rewarding Yourself – Why Is it Important to Reward Yourself?

Rewarding yourself for goals you’ve met is very important to do. Not only does it just feel dang good, but it also can help you achieve your goals (and many more in the future).

In fact, there are many benefits of rewarding yourself (besides just enjoying the reward).

When you reward yourself, you:

  • Motivate and incentivize yourself to go after more goals

  • Reinforce and establish healthy habits

  • Pamper yourself

That’s because a reward is anything that triggers the pleasure chemical in our brains (dopamine) to make us feel pleasurable. This could be things and experiences that create joy, cause a smile, take us a step out of the norm, or perhaps something that reminds us of our childhood.

And when you feel pleasurable? You want to do more of that activity.

The reward activity, that is. But if you set up some rules around it – say, you have to meet X milestone before you get the next reward – then you’ll be more likely to do what it takes to get that reward.

The exciting thing about rewards for reaching goals is that in order for you + your mind to feel them, you don't have to spend next month's rent. So, when should you reward yourself?


Here are some healthy and fun ways to reward yourself that won't throw you off of your journey!

  1. Enjoy a magazine and a coffee in peace and quiet for half an hour

  2. Relax with a lazy sleep in

  3. Run a hot bath with a good book and a relaxing bath foam / candle

  4. Take a break. A holiday / day out etc… or simply some time away from everyday life

  5. Savour a nice glass of local wine

  6. Listen to a favourite music album or playlist

  7. Watch a film (either at home, or maybe go to the cinema in the middle of the day!)

  8. Go for a long walk

  9. Go to a concert or the theatre

  10. Try a new exercise class at Sunfit!

  11. Start a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to do

  12. Take up a new sport

  13. Organise an evening out with friends

  14. Delegate a task – a cleaner could be just what you need now you are back in control of things – work out what’s important for you to do and what your time is worth.

  15. Visit an exhibition / museum / gallery etc…

  16. Go to a coffee shop and relax for a while with your favourite drink

  17. Get a takeaway and take the night off cooking

  18. Take a day off work!

  19. Have a beauty treatment

  20. Visit a spa / sauna / hot tub!

  21. Read a book

  22. Have an early night

  23. Get flowers / a plant for your home

  24. Light a nice candle

  25. Have a picnic in your local park

The list really is endless!

Make sure to take some time to reward your efforts and celebrate your wins! Let me know what your goals are and how you are going to reward yourself for them!

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